Direct Response

Successful DRTV campaigns that yield high conversion rates, throughout the life cycle of the product, depend on strategy, creativity and analysis.

My background in writing IVR and commercial scripts, analyzing direct response campaigns and optimizing broadcast commercials is both unique and valuable in the direct response world.

This skill set requires creativity, critical thinking and experience.

Understanding the needs of customers through back-end call monitoring, data analysis and A/B/C testing gives clients a huge leg-up in this market. I can create strategy that anticipates conversion barriers as well as changes in consumer response as the product ages.

Core Competencies:

  • Original Commercial Scriptwriting and Producing
  • Commercial Script Optimization Based On Performance and Conversion Goals
  • IVR Optimization
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Analyzing and Offering Pricing, Offer and Upsell Strategy Plans

“With hundreds of successful optimizations under my belt, I am confident that I can help you and your clients create dynamic plans that will help boost sales, increase conversion and provide a positive customer experience.”