Marketing Concepts and Copy

Make a Plan, Let the Sparks Fly.

Marketing is a thrilling combination of science and creativity. Research and magic. My job is to synthesize data, results and research into a creative product that generates a positive response. 


Work Samples:

Company: CVS; Medium: Web

Created editorial calendar, concepts and copy for

Objective: Reflect seasonal events through meaningful content and products; for example during “Cold and Flu Season” we messaged ways to stay healthy and featured various cold and flu medicines, as well as other related products like tea, ointments and vitamins.

Each POV sets the tone for the microsite’s theme; whether holiday, seasonal or related to a national event, like Super Bowl, Back to School, etc.


Other elements include:

  • Original articles with product tie-ins
  • Tips from advertisers
  • Buying guides Banner Ad Copy



Company: Manhattan Hair Academy; Medium: Billboards

Objective: Create clear, concise messaging that drivers can easily read and understand while also resonating with them


Company: Sonim Smartphone; Concept: Co-brand two companies and their products, communicating toughness and finesse; Medium: Print

Objective: Message Sonim’s reputation as a rugged smartphone manufacturer to people who are unfamiliar with this product, such as executives and tech experts of construction/fleet companies who are making buying decisions.

Additionally, communicate the news that Sonim is now compatible with Actsoft, a GPS software company. This is secondary, but important to people in the trucking and construction industry.


Along with Sonim print ads, I created web display ads, convention banners, billboard copy, slicks, sell sheets, sales emails and splash pages.

Click Here For Sonim Slick

Click Here For Sonim Fact Sheet


Company: Verizon; Product: Custom App Builder or CAB; Medium: Web/Smartphone

Objective: Create a campaign for Verizon’s new business app that allows customers to customize based on their company’s needs

Concept 1: Paint By Numbers


Concept 2: If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It



Company: Ford; Medium: Internet

Objective: Create a campaign for new Ford vehicles that excite demographic, message cost and allow user to locate nearest dealer

Concept: “Where Will Your <Insert Car Model> Take You?” Each model had a separate ad which showed that car’s target demographic in an aspirational scene.

Hot buttons on page clicked to pop-ups that provided user with relevant information.




Company: Dell; Medium: Internet

Objective: Create a multichannel, lifestyle campaign targeting college students with hero messaging of laptops

Demonstrated co-branding opportunities on, including Mountain Dew, Sony, Sharp and Ikea.

Concept #1: Stylification; Tagline: “How Do You Define It?”

Stylification is the art of “stylizing” your life.

Dell_btc_dormstyle_landing_concept (2)

User was able to create the room of their dreams starting with a basic dorm room. They could choose from a variety of color palettes; comforter sets/patterns; posters and, of course, technology.

In the snapshot above you see a model room that’s already been “Stylified” with clickable hotspots that display prices, specs and discounts .


Concept #2: Superhero on Campus; Tagline: “Power Up Your Pack”

Everything you need to be a college Superhero

dell_bts_jumpdrive (2)

The superhero concept consisted of four characters, each with their own unique set of superpowers. The image above shows “Jump Drive” in action. The sidebar to the left of him points out what’s in his pack, along with his special powers and weaknesses.


Clients:; Medium: Internet

Original content and editorial strategy for


collegeliving_article (2)