Commercials: Write, Concept and Direct

When you have 30 seconds to tell a story, don’t waste a beat. 

My job is to find the most compelling angle to your product’s story and then tell it in a creative, memorable way.

Here’s what I do:
  • Create 3-4 commercial concepts based on your goals and budget (we’ll start with a creative brief)
  • Write first draft of your script
  • Make edits as needed
  • Create a storyboard
  • Shoot! (I’ve written, directed and produced commercials – so I can help you on production, too.)

Script Optimization

Boost conversion. Reduce customer complaints. Reinvigorate your campaign.

Is your commercial or web copy not giving you the results you hoped for? Let’s look at the numbers and start optimizing.

I optimize scripts that have already been produced or are in pre-production. If the commercial has been produced but isn’t performing well, I have created proposals and re-written scripts based on analytics from a variety of sources – media, websites, historical data per product, and more. The same goes for retail sites. Creating A/B/C campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t is an incredible tool and one that most companies can’t thrive without.

Client: Club Z

Type: National Broadcast

coffee talk commercial from Natalie C on Vimeo.

Client: William Dean Chocolates

Type: Regional Broadcast


Worked closely with artist to create storyboards for production

Laser Spine Institute Industrial: Get Back on Track

Spine Institute quickie board v1 jpg (2)

William Dean Chocolates

Chocolate029 storyboard