EdTech Marketing That Buyers Notice


EdTech, like many markets, is a buyer’s market.

So how can you move ahead of the pack? One way is to get influencers, i.e. popular bloggers, journalists and social media personalities, to pay attention.

While it’s not a cake walk, it’s not impossible either; but you have to abide a few principles.

Check out these 4 tried-and-true tips to add to your marketing strategy today. SEE BELOW.

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Be Form-less.
First and foremost, don’t send a form email. It’s tempting, of course, because there are tons of bloggers and just one of you. A custom email, mentioning at least one specific thing you like about his or her  blog/YouTube channel, etc., will go a long way. It’s the first step in building a relationship, so make it count.

Offer Something
Now that you’ve made nice, bear gifts. If you’d like them to review your product, offer a free sample (or two – one for a friend). If you give their readers or subscribers a gift, like an exclusive discount code, then you’re on your way to becoming Santa Claus. Everyone loves Santa Claus.

You can even offer to guest post. You’re clearly an ed tech expert, you created a product, so pitch a great idea for an article, video, etc. Take time to see what HASN’T been covered and pitch that. Make sure you point out that the topic you want to tackle is something important, but underreported.

Get to the Point
Now ask for what you want. Do you want a review of your product? A backlink to your site? A mention in an upcoming list of greatest ed tech apps? Whatever it is, present your case clearly and concisely. Choose the most compelling reasons why your product will make teachers and students giddy with digital delight.

Target the Middle
If you’re just starting out, don’t go for the titans of social media first. Of course, you can try, but in your quest don’t rule out the mid-level influencers. They have a following and you never know who’s reading/watching their content. Once you have a firm foothold in this world, then you can move on to more prominent influencers or even major media outlets.

Natalie Campisi
VidCast Producer for Red Cup Agency 


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